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We provide both wired and wireless network solutions for home and business environments - outdoor and indoor. Our team of network installers promise high quality, neat installations.

Cables, Switches, Routers, Wireless Access Points, Cabinets, Trunking, Power over Ethernet, Homeplug Ethernet, Print servers, Network addressable storage, ADSL, 3G failover ... we supply and install it all!

Network Installations:

We do network installations for households and businesses.Netgear ethernet switch We provide all the required components to your specifications such as trunking, surface mount or flush network points, fly leads, patch panels, network cabinets, routers, network switches etc.

Wireless Installations:Engenius ceiling mount wireless access point

We also do the installation of various kinds of wireless equipment. We can assist you in extending networks via additional cabled access points, or more easily installed wireless repeaters. We can install an external point to point directional access points or increase wireless range with a wide variety of wireless antenna for indoor and outdoor application.

Home Plug

We can also assist you configuring a new type of networking product called the Home Plug. Cisco home plug ethernet wireless range extenderThe Home Plug uses your existing power cables in your house or office to create a network link between two points. All you need to do is plugin 2 devices into the wall socket, one by your switch or router and the other in the room where you require a network point and as long as both wall sockets are on the same phase, a network connection will be established through them. This is a useful way of extending your network especially when you have a multi-story building or a building where cabling or repeating would be an issue. 

Fault Finding:

We can identify and remedy any networking issues you may have. We can trace cables, fix intermittent connections, damaged connectors or faulty equipment. We'll troubleshoot and resolve the issue in no time.