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Getting high speed Wi-Fi throughout the house has never been easier with the development of Mesh compatible Wi-Fi routers and access points. This is especially useful when running network cable throughout the house to individual wireless access points is either too complicated or not possible, or if other wireless technology like Wi-Fi repeaters aren't giving you the performance you require for gaming or streaming.

Meshing compatible routers and access points have dedicated radios to link multiple units together wirelessly at the maximum speed possible, meaning you can place multiple wireless access points around the house with only needing to cable the first unit, but still get the full network speed.

Lately our customers have been coming in with their computers riddled with a quite annoying kind of pest on the internet, Junkware! If you've got Junkware or Adware on your computer, you've probably noticed a bunch of applications suddenly installed on your computer, popping up and annoying you, suggesting that you need to speed up your PC or purchase a product to optimise your computer. Often making you spend money on fake products that actually just end up making your computer even slower.