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ADATA CH11 Customizable Labels

USB 3.0 External Hard Drive
Description The CH11 uses SuperSpeed USB 3.0 transfer interface, with speed up to 90 MB/s. That is three times faster than USB 2.0, reducing transmission time by 70%. Exclusive design of being used vertically comes with accompanying labels for you to make your disks easier to organize and personalize. Smart categorization and classification makes your life easier step by step. The CH11 comes in three classic colors: minimalist white, calm black, and brilliant pink. The exclusively designed labels extend your ability to organize the bits and pieces of your digital life into easily recognizable folders. Capacities of 500GB, 750GB, or 1TB allow for the storage of thousands of songs, tens of thousands of photos, and hundreds of high-definition videos, with all your files available on the go. Available in Black, Pink and White.